Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feeling Better?

I discovered early in my life that maintaining your positive mental outlook was essential to success. All of us are confronted with challenges and problems on our way to our goals. Some people manage to stay strong and upbeat no matter what challenges confront them. Unfortunately many other people crumble like an old cookie at the first touch of a challenge or problem. Why?

I used to think it was in the DNA. I thought that those who could keep their "Game Face" on and work their way through their problems were somehow different than those who didn't. Thankfully I learned that this was not true. All of us have the capacity to maintain a positive mental attitude and to do what is necessary to reach our our most desired goals. How? It's simple--just understand that while feelings can influence actions, actions can also influence feelings. And it is far easier to 'act' yourself into feeling better than it is to 'feel' yourself into acting better. Try it--you will love the sense of control you will get over your own feelings.

More to come...

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