Monday, December 8, 2008

Burning Desire!

I am in between planes on the way to Asia and decided to share a thought with you. Lately I have been thinking about all the publicity certain self-development DVDs and CDs have been getting in the media. It seems like everywhere I go people tell me about the "Law of Attraction" and how it's going to change their personal world. Now I believe very much in the power of positive thinking but I have learned that this element is just one element in the process of success. It is critically important to think positive but if that is all you do it won't be enough. Along with the Law of Attraction there is another law: The Law of ACTION! Without applying this law your measure of success will be very small and not at all what you might have enjoyed.

Thinking positive--in the right way--will lead to effective action and that action will lead to success. How does one think positive in the right way? It all comes down to creating a "Burning Desire" in your heart. Goals start in your mind but need to be adopted by your heart before you are driven to the kind of action that will lead you to the fulfillment of them. This concept of a burning desire is explained in the classic book on success: "Think and Grow Rich". Don't be confused by the title. This book is not just about money it is about living the life of your dreams. Being "rich" means more than just having money--it means being fully actualized in your personal potential. Get this book (you can find a copy in any library or at any used book store) and read chapter two. Start creating a "Burning Desire" now and watch the "Law of Action" produce the quality life you desire.

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