Monday, March 9, 2009

Honor for Unicity!

Greetings everyone,

With the travel schedule I have had since the first of the year visiting our leaders around the globe, I almost can't believe it; I haven’t been in a hotel for two weeks! I am fully adjusted to the Mountain Time Zone. I don’t have an airline reservation for another 4 weeks. I think I may have stepped in to someone else’s life—but I like it. Hopefully you are doing and feeling as well as I am.

There are always minor glitches that happen in our lives. For instance my computer just crashed and I have lost all my future appointments and reminders. I started to feel a little irritated and then I remembered that I have been using a computer for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve had one crash—that’s not too bad. If I can go another 20 years until it happens again I will feel pretty blessed in the computer department.

Sometimes you get some pretty cool surprises too. This past week I got a letter from the Governor of the State of Utah congratulating Unicity for being selected as one of the Top 500 privately held companies in America. I was pleased to find that we had been selected as #87 out of the top 500 in the USA and #1 out of the top 100 in the State of Utah. We will be sharing more about this recognition in the coming week but I thought you might like to see the letter from Governor Jon Huntsman. Click on this link to read the letter. TOP 500 LETTER

Another fun thing that happened this past week was getting to listen to an audio presentation I had done 14 years ago when I was working as franchise owner. My good friend Paul Kero sent me this MP3 file he had found of me making a conference call presentation to potential new partners. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to listen to myself from 14 years ago but my curiosity finally overwhelmed my fear of feeling ridiculous. I quickly found myself transported back to 1994—some great memories. After listening I decided I was ready to sign up all over again. So if you ever wanted to know how I built my business “back in the day” go ahead and click on this link. It will take about nine minutes to hear it all. 1994 Conference Call

I am currently re-reading Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” – for about the 50th time. It is as inspiring to me as it always is — I fully recommend it to you. The first three chapters hold the key to getting your business off the ground. The rest of the book will tell you how to achieve dreams that you didn’t believe were remotely possible for you. I have been reading this book since I was 21 years old. The title sometimes puts people off but don’t let it bother you. The book is not really about money it is about learning how to turn dreams into reality. If you haven’t read it already - or if you haven’t read it in the last 12 months - you should do so immediately.

Great things are happening in Unicity right now. Make sure you are getting your share of the growth.

All the best,