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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Berlin--Go Diamond!

On Friday and Saturday I worked with our Double Diamond leader in Berlin, Alex Krause. He had his 30 top leaders (all Sapphires, Rubys or Diamonds) in for a special training on Friday and then his top 250 leaders in for a special training on Saturday. On Friday night we went on a boat tour of Berlin through the canals that wend their way through the city. The dinner on the boat was outstanding and the classical music provided by a string quartet really set the tone--you knew you were in one of the great cities of Europe.

The leaders in this group are some of the most talented and focused leaders I have ever seen in any business. They know what they are capable of doing and nothing is going to stop them. I was so impressed by the clarity of their vision and their willingness to discipline themselves to do the things they know are necessary for success. There is a reason for Europe's astonishing success and growth and it is leadership like this using Bios Life Slim the way it is meant to be used to grow the organization. As I heard several times: "The business is the product and the product is the business."

Sunday is my 14th day on this "around the world" trip and I am ready to go home. I have visited Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Germany. The travel is hard and I miss my family, and my own time zone, but as Shakespeare wrote: There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune, omitted and life is spent in the shallows and the miseries." The rewards for hard work right now are higher than they will be in a few years when the company is much larger. Now is the time to gain for yourself the market share you want--to stake your claim on the future. Our international markets are doing very well. The leadership is strong, the focus is sharp and the commitment is high. In the coming weeks and months I intend to be much more involved in the North American market. This market has as much potential as any market in the world. It is time to turn up the heat at home.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Up Country Thailand

On Tuesday I went up country to the twin cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. I spent the morning visiting the home of a brand new Diamond Kun Motawn in Chiang Mai. We had breakfast at his new beautiful home and then visited his office and distributor center. We then enjoyed a huge lunch with many wonderful Thai delicacies. Both breakfast and lunch were outstanding but meeting the people in this spectacular city was the highlight for me.

After lunch we traveled to Chiang Rai which is about two hours by car through the mountains. I felt like I was in Shangri-la. In Chiang Rai we visited Kun Rasa's office and distributor center and then stopped by her new office which is just being finished. I was impressed by how much these leaders invest in their business to support their organizations. They are truly running their business like a business and not like a hobby.

After the tours we visited Kun Rasa's spectacular new home. I was in awe of the change in her life in just three years. She has a small home just for her gardeners and that little house is bigger than the house she lived in just three years ago. Today she is in this virtual mansion. We had an incredible traditional Thai dinner and enjoyed a variety of traditional Thai activities such as being blessed by a Buddhist priest and letting six foot candle-lit kites off into the night sky. I also got to take a short spin around the neighborhood on the special edition Harley that Kun Rasa bought for her husband.

This day will be a day I never forget. I was treated with such kindness and respect. These leaders are extraordinary people and they have become such because they are committed to following the leadership of their leader Kun Joe. His system based development culture has proven to be the key to large scale development of world class leaders. It is always inspiring to visit Thailand.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I arrived at midnight on Saturday--that was a very long day! Sunday afternoon was the rally. As we drove up to the arena--yes arena--the place was buzzing. The police were there to manage the crowd which I am told numbered 5000 plus. Joe, our top leader in Thailand, knows how to put on a great event. The first thing you see as you go toward the entrance is all cars of the President's Club members. About 30 new Mercedes lined up and one brand new, and very exotic, white Porsche which belonged to Joe.

The event went from 1pm to 5pm with no breaks. The surprising thing is that no one left, or at least it was not noticeable if anyone did. The room seemed as full at 5pm as it did at 1pm. As usual the atmosphere was electric and very high energy. The MC was great. She is the host of the nightly news on TV and she is also an FO. There was a segment where a celebrity fashion person interviewed three other celebrities about Unicity's skincare products. All four are FOs.

Dr. Jerry Bresnahan gave a great presentation on the power of Bios Life and then we saw the most amazing film that detailed the life of a man who had been told he needed to have his leg amputated because of diabetes. The man couldn't walk but desperately didn't want to lose his leg. His nurse just happened to be one or our FOs. She suggested he should try Bios Life and he did. She documented the progress over about three months and it was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. After the film finished the man himself walked on to stage with nothing but a cane and he didn't use that much. Dr. Bresnahan went up on stage to express his deep respect to that nurse who was also there. WOW!!! The whole event was fantastic and I left fired up about this amazing product that we have.

Tomorrow I go up north to visit the homes and offices of our key leaders in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. I will let you know how it goes.

All the best,


On Thursday, Friday and Saturday I visited Japan. Friday we had a powerful leadership seminar with the very top leaders in the country. What a great experience that was for me to see these mostly very young leaders showing such intelligence and drive. I feel the Japanese market is going to become very big.

In the evening we went to a famous, and very old, restaurant for dinner. I am not exaggerating when I say there were 14 courses. After having my Bios Life Slim it was virtually impossible to do justice to that exquisite dinner.

On Saturday we held the first "Secret Saturday". This is an event that I host every two months in either Tokyo or Osaka. The top five sponsoring FOs for the previous two months are invited to an all day adventure. But since it is a "secret" they don't know what to expect. We had a blast! We first did a helicopter tour of Tokyo--I thought this was incredible. What a city Tokyo is--14 million people at night and probably 25 million during a work day. We saw the sights in a way that only is possible from a helicopter. Then we got on our own private cruiser and cruised around Tokyo Bay while we had sushi and sashimi. We also had a leadership competition--which I lost and our newest leader won. She sponsored 17 people in one month so I don't feel so bad.

Then I and a few of our top leaders got a plane and flew for six hours to Bangkok, Thailand. I wanted these young leaders to meet our top leader in Thailand and attend his semi-annual rally. Check my next post for what happened in Thailand.

All the best,


On Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a leadership conference in a beautiful mountain resort near Pusan, Korea. There were about 1000 Korean leaders in attendance. I had invited Double Diamond Dr. Sven Goebel to be the keynote speaker to the group. He did an outstanding job explaining how the Europeans had been so successful building their businesses over the past few months. As I have noted in earlier posts the EU market has grown dramatically since the introduction of Slim. There have been six new Diamonds achieved and several times that number of new Sapphires and Rubys.

The Korean leaders were quick to take note of Sven's advice. They have done very well themselves since Slim was introduced in Korea but being smart people they are always ready to learn and get even better. The staff in Korea are getting down to the final preparations for the 2008 Global Convention in Pusan this next month. It is going to be incredible. I hope you will be there!

All the best,

Friday, August 1, 2008

If you want to burn fat faster read this!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was talking to one of our top leaders in Europe. He is absolutely on fire with the business. We talked about some of the things he is doing to have so much success so quickly. He reminded me of some of the KEY BEHAVIORS required to produce fast success in our business. I will talk about these behaviors in a another entry. But this conversation got me thinking about other key behaviors that can change our lives.

The first thing I thought about was key behaviors required to burn fat. Most people gain fat because they just don't understand how the body operates or they don't have the strength to do the key behaviors long enough to turn on the fat burning process in their own body. That is why Bios Life Slim is so important--it facilitates the KEY BEHAVIORS, it makes them easier to do and accelerates the fat burning process without stimulants.

If you will adopt these five simple behaviors you will become a fat burning machine. You will look and feel better than you ever have. You will age slower and look younger and have more natural energy than you have since you were a ten year old. Are you ready? Here they are:

1) Take Bios Life Slim at least twice each day, one serving before each of your highest carb meals! Doing this consistently makes all the other behaviors much easier to do long term. You DO want to look better and feel better LONG TERM don't you?

2) Eat a high protein, low carb breakfast every morning!

3) Eat small, well balanced meals!

4) Space your meals this way: Four hours or more between breakfast and lunch, four hours or more between lunch and dinner and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast! Don't snack in between meals--every food item you put in your mouth produces some glucose in your bloodstream, glucose causes your pancreas to produce insulin (the more glucose to hit your bloodstream at one sitting the higher the insulin spike). Insulin stops your body from burning its own fat stores for energy which causes you to get hungry more often--it really is a vicious fat STORING cycle, but you can break it with Slim.

5) Reduce the daily amount of processed foods and simple carbs (sugary foods) that you eat! Processed and excessively sweet foods drive insulin up fast and keep it up long and that pretty much eliminates any fat burning for hours. You don't need to be a monk but don't be a glutton either.

Well that's it--if you use Slim you will find all the other behaviors come easier and easier and fat burning happens more and more often. You will be able to eat great food and still look great and feel great! That is one of the main secrets to living a full and long life--you DO want that don't you?

All the best,

PS--check this link out for some alarming research that will give you even more motivation to adopt these KEY BEHAVIORS!