Thursday, August 28, 2008

Up Country Thailand

On Tuesday I went up country to the twin cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. I spent the morning visiting the home of a brand new Diamond Kun Motawn in Chiang Mai. We had breakfast at his new beautiful home and then visited his office and distributor center. We then enjoyed a huge lunch with many wonderful Thai delicacies. Both breakfast and lunch were outstanding but meeting the people in this spectacular city was the highlight for me.

After lunch we traveled to Chiang Rai which is about two hours by car through the mountains. I felt like I was in Shangri-la. In Chiang Rai we visited Kun Rasa's office and distributor center and then stopped by her new office which is just being finished. I was impressed by how much these leaders invest in their business to support their organizations. They are truly running their business like a business and not like a hobby.

After the tours we visited Kun Rasa's spectacular new home. I was in awe of the change in her life in just three years. She has a small home just for her gardeners and that little house is bigger than the house she lived in just three years ago. Today she is in this virtual mansion. We had an incredible traditional Thai dinner and enjoyed a variety of traditional Thai activities such as being blessed by a Buddhist priest and letting six foot candle-lit kites off into the night sky. I also got to take a short spin around the neighborhood on the special edition Harley that Kun Rasa bought for her husband.

This day will be a day I never forget. I was treated with such kindness and respect. These leaders are extraordinary people and they have become such because they are committed to following the leadership of their leader Kun Joe. His system based development culture has proven to be the key to large scale development of world class leaders. It is always inspiring to visit Thailand.

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