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Monday, August 25, 2008


On Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a leadership conference in a beautiful mountain resort near Pusan, Korea. There were about 1000 Korean leaders in attendance. I had invited Double Diamond Dr. Sven Goebel to be the keynote speaker to the group. He did an outstanding job explaining how the Europeans had been so successful building their businesses over the past few months. As I have noted in earlier posts the EU market has grown dramatically since the introduction of Slim. There have been six new Diamonds achieved and several times that number of new Sapphires and Rubys.

The Korean leaders were quick to take note of Sven's advice. They have done very well themselves since Slim was introduced in Korea but being smart people they are always ready to learn and get even better. The staff in Korea are getting down to the final preparations for the 2008 Global Convention in Pusan this next month. It is going to be incredible. I hope you will be there!

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