Sunday, August 31, 2008

Berlin--Go Diamond!

On Friday and Saturday I worked with our Double Diamond leader in Berlin, Alex Krause. He had his 30 top leaders (all Sapphires, Rubys or Diamonds) in for a special training on Friday and then his top 250 leaders in for a special training on Saturday. On Friday night we went on a boat tour of Berlin through the canals that wend their way through the city. The dinner on the boat was outstanding and the classical music provided by a string quartet really set the tone--you knew you were in one of the great cities of Europe.

The leaders in this group are some of the most talented and focused leaders I have ever seen in any business. They know what they are capable of doing and nothing is going to stop them. I was so impressed by the clarity of their vision and their willingness to discipline themselves to do the things they know are necessary for success. There is a reason for Europe's astonishing success and growth and it is leadership like this using Bios Life Slim the way it is meant to be used to grow the organization. As I heard several times: "The business is the product and the product is the business."

Sunday is my 14th day on this "around the world" trip and I am ready to go home. I have visited Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Germany. The travel is hard and I miss my family, and my own time zone, but as Shakespeare wrote: There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune, omitted and life is spent in the shallows and the miseries." The rewards for hard work right now are higher than they will be in a few years when the company is much larger. Now is the time to gain for yourself the market share you want--to stake your claim on the future. Our international markets are doing very well. The leadership is strong, the focus is sharp and the commitment is high. In the coming weeks and months I intend to be much more involved in the North American market. This market has as much potential as any market in the world. It is time to turn up the heat at home.

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