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Friday, August 1, 2008

If you want to burn fat faster read this!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was talking to one of our top leaders in Europe. He is absolutely on fire with the business. We talked about some of the things he is doing to have so much success so quickly. He reminded me of some of the KEY BEHAVIORS required to produce fast success in our business. I will talk about these behaviors in a another entry. But this conversation got me thinking about other key behaviors that can change our lives.

The first thing I thought about was key behaviors required to burn fat. Most people gain fat because they just don't understand how the body operates or they don't have the strength to do the key behaviors long enough to turn on the fat burning process in their own body. That is why Bios Life Slim is so important--it facilitates the KEY BEHAVIORS, it makes them easier to do and accelerates the fat burning process without stimulants.

If you will adopt these five simple behaviors you will become a fat burning machine. You will look and feel better than you ever have. You will age slower and look younger and have more natural energy than you have since you were a ten year old. Are you ready? Here they are:

1) Take Bios Life Slim at least twice each day, one serving before each of your highest carb meals! Doing this consistently makes all the other behaviors much easier to do long term. You DO want to look better and feel better LONG TERM don't you?

2) Eat a high protein, low carb breakfast every morning!

3) Eat small, well balanced meals!

4) Space your meals this way: Four hours or more between breakfast and lunch, four hours or more between lunch and dinner and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast! Don't snack in between meals--every food item you put in your mouth produces some glucose in your bloodstream, glucose causes your pancreas to produce insulin (the more glucose to hit your bloodstream at one sitting the higher the insulin spike). Insulin stops your body from burning its own fat stores for energy which causes you to get hungry more often--it really is a vicious fat STORING cycle, but you can break it with Slim.

5) Reduce the daily amount of processed foods and simple carbs (sugary foods) that you eat! Processed and excessively sweet foods drive insulin up fast and keep it up long and that pretty much eliminates any fat burning for hours. You don't need to be a monk but don't be a glutton either.

Well that's it--if you use Slim you will find all the other behaviors come easier and easier and fat burning happens more and more often. You will be able to eat great food and still look great and feel great! That is one of the main secrets to living a full and long life--you DO want that don't you?

All the best,

PS--check this link out for some alarming research that will give you even more motivation to adopt these KEY BEHAVIORS!

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