Thursday, October 30, 2008

Simply Slim Part 1 of 4

Alan in our Global Marketing Department recently wrote the article below for our eNews going to US Franchise Owners. I thought he did such a great job introducing how Bios Life Slim helps our bodies burn fat that I wanted to post it here so more people can see it. Enjoy and learn!


Part 1 of 4—Your Perfect Body on the Perfect Diet

The Simple Science of Slim - How Bios Life Slim ignites your personal fat burning zone and fuels your energy.

It’s much easier to gain weight than to lose it. In actuality, it’s not our weight we want to reduce, it’s our size. For example, we don’t buy clothes based on how much we weigh, we buy the clothes that fit our size.
We don’t become slender by losing weight, we slim down by burning away excess fat.
“Diet programs” that promote weight loss actually cause us to lose water and lean muscle—not fat. And when we stop the “program,” we end up gaining that weight back—and usually a little more.
In order to lose fat, it helps to understand how our body stores fat and why it may be hard for our body to let go of the fat that it’s stored.

Perfect Inner Workings Here in Part 1, we’ll see how our perfect body works after eating a perfect meal. Let’s imagine that placed before us is a perfect meal. By perfect, I mean healthy— not something we unwrap, dip in ketchup, and wash down with soda and Oreos.
It doesn’t matter how far from perfection our actual body is, or how fast and fat our last meal was, it’ll help us understand how our body is supposed to work, and our body works best when fed healthy food.
As we eat, our body converts the food into glucose—a simple sugar that travels through our bloodstream. This glucose is food for our cells. Our cells get their energy from glucose—whether it’s a muscle cell, or a brain cell, or a cell in our heart.
Glucose keeps moving through our bloodstream until your body produces a hormone called insulin. As soon as insulin is made by our pancreas, it heads right to little receptor sites on our cells and attaches to them.
Insulin connects to the receptor site, and opens a “door” in the cell so that glucose can come inside and feed the cell. Without insulin, the doors stay closed and no glucose comes inside the cell, so we really need insulin.

Storage Sheds for Glucose If we eat more than we need, our body has a way to handle this problem. Along with our brain cells and muscle cells we also have fat cells. Our cells don’t eat more than they need, so when we have more glucose than our cells need, that excess glucose is stored in our fat cells.
Once the glucose is out of the bloodstream, with the cells having been fed and the excess having been stored away in our fat cells, then insulin closes the doors on your cells, detaches from the cells, and eventually leaves your body.

Food Storage When our body’s cells want to have more energy (glucose), and we don’t have any food handy, our fat cells come to the rescue. The glucose that was stored in them is converted into molecules called Free Fatty Acids.
These Free Fatty Acids can go right back into the bloodstream. They don’t need insulin to open all those doors, they go right in, that’s why we call them Free Fatty Acids. Free Fatty Acids efficiently feed us at the cellular level—we have energy and strength even though there was no glucose.

The simple explanation of this is that our body is burning away stored, excess fat to meet its own needs. That is how your body works in a perfect world. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world eating perfect meals with our perfect body. Most of us store too much fat and don’t burn enough. Part 2 of Simply Slim will tell us how our bodies work with our modern, not-so-healthy diets.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Questions and Answers

A week ago we held a special reward day for some of our emerging new leaders in Japan. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the events of that day but I was thrilled with the report I received from Mr. Brian Lee our Senior Vice President over Global Resources.

In the course of the day one very smart and talented young leader, Kaori Tamiya (age 21), asked Brian to pass along the following questions to me. I thought they were great questions and decided to answer them in this posting to my blog.

Here are her questions and my answers.

1—What was your biggest problem as a distributor with Unicity?

I had the same challenges all new distributors have. My biggest problem was that I worried too much about what other people thought about me. When I didn’t stay focused on my goal and allowed these negative thoughts to get control of my mind it caused me to slow down in my progress and become less effective in the work that I did. Fortunately, I quickly learned to think only about what I wanted to have happen in my life and to keep my belief in myself and Unicity high. This discipline allowed me to reach my goals and ignore the noise that would try to distract me.

2—What made you the most happy in your time as a distributor?

I was most happy when I was able to help other people reach their goals. Seeing people in my organization become stronger and more financially independent gave me great happiness.

3—Who did you first talk to about Unicity?

My first contacts as a distributor were to my most successful friends. I knew that to be successful I had to associate myself with people who knew how to be successful and had the discipline to do what was necessary to succeed. I was new and inexperienced in Unicity but I didn’t hide that from anyone I talked to, I just shared the facts of the business and the products with all the enthusiasm I had and let people choose for themselves. Most of the people I talked with in those early days didn’t join me, but some did, and all were impressed with my passion and commitment. Some of those who said “no” in the first year changed their mind and joined me in the following years. Enthusiasm and passion are very important and people always remember the people that have those two qualities.

4—What is your favorite product from Unicity?

My favorite product is Bios Life. The first product I ever sold in this business was Bios Life and over the years the formula has just gotten better and better. The new Bios Life Slim is an absolutely amazing product that has changed thousands of lives already and will eventually benefit millions of people. I have lost 5 inches off my own waistline and feel better than I have for 30 years.

5—How has that favorite product changed you?

Bios Life has impacted me in so many positive ways. First of all are the health benefits. I mentioned the fat loss already but I need to mention the benefit of improved cholesterol levels too. My overall cholesterol level dropped from 206 to 144 in the first 45 days I used Bios Life back in 1991. It has stayed down around 150 ever since—in fact I just had my blood tests done a few weeks ago and my cholesterol level was 151. At Unicity we see this sort of result so often we have become a little too used to it. Sometimes we don’t appreciate how amazing this product really is. We have the best overall health product for all people to be found anywhere in the world—I am absolutely convinced of it!

I have also benefited from seeing others improve their health and enjoy a much longer and higher quality of life. And finally I must mention the financial benefits that have come to me from Bios Life. It would take too long to describe all the wonderful things that have happened to me and to my family because of success of Bios Life, but I can tell you this: all the dreams I had when I started this business have been achieved and exceeded. The Bios Life is a Great Life!

So these are my answers to Tamiya-san and I hope they were helpful to you too.

All the best,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Greetings from Switzerland,

We have just held our official opening of Switzerland. The event was in a truly spectacular location. Interlaken is a beautiful resort town in between two large lakes and surrounded by the Alps. With the Autumn colors and the first snows on the tops of the mountains I felt like I was in a postcard.

There were approximately 1300 people in attendance. People had traveled from all over the country to meet together. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and energy I felt from the group. The leadership is some of the strongest we have in the company. All three of our Double Diamonds were with us and each taught some great business strategies.

The company announced a car program for Europe with BMW and also introduced Bios Life Slim. For all intents and purposes Switzerland has 3 national languages so our packaging includes German, French and Italian. Since Switzerland is at the crossroads of France, Germany and Italy I wouldn't be surprised to find us continuing our expansion in the EU.

All the best,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Global Convention 1

Dear Friends,

I recently returned from our Global Convention in beautiful Busan, Korea. In my opening remarks, I shared my vision for the future of Unicity.

Our goals are big goals. Curt Hedges, our President, tells me that we are ahead of schedule to achieve those goals. I want to tell you about the ultimate goal, the ultimate vision. Let me sum it up. We intend to be the biggest, the best, the most dominating company in network marketing in the world. We are fully committed to becoming the biggest, the best, and the most dominate force in network marketing in our world today.

What does it mean to have that kind of goal? What does the vision look like? The first thing we have to do is think about who is the competition. Today there are four network marketing companies that do more than one billion U.S. dollars in sales each year. Just four. That’s all. We will be the fifth!

Today in network marketing, the number one company in our industry did $7.2 billion U.S. dollars in sales last year… the temptation is to think that this company is a big company. However, $7.2 billion is not a big company.

Of all businesses, the number one company worldwide last year did $379 billion dollars in sales. That is a big number. That’s so big that this company does more sales in a week than the number one company in our industry does all year long. That’s big. That’s the vision!

That company is not an oil company. It’s not some big fancy company in New York City. No, that company is headquarted in a small town in Arkansas. That company—the number one company in terms of size and success is Wal-Mart. A distribution company.

What do we do? We distribute things, Wal-Mart distributes things. Who would have believed that Wal-Mart would become what it is today? Fifty years ago, Wal-Mart didn’t even exist. Today it’s the worlds biggest company.

Do you think the world will always focus only on lower prices? That was the secret to Wal-Mart’s success. Give the customer what they wanted—lower prices, cheap things.

But I believe that the public is hungering for something far more than lower prices. I believe that the public wants—desperately wants, hungers for better health, for more hope, and most of all, for freedom.

This world is filled with people who have no freedom. They worry about just having enough money to feed their own family. They worry about having enough money to provide a home for their family. They worry about whether they’re going to lose their job tomorrow because their boss doesn’t really like them. They worry almost every minute of every hour of their day because they have no freedom.

I believe the hunger for freedom is the most basic, fundamental, driving motivator in our humanity today. People die trying to be free. People don’t die for lower prices. They die because they want to be able to take control of their lives. They want to be able to say ‘I have enough money so my children can have what they need'. They want to be able to say I have enough time to be able to do the things that are important to me—to have time for the people I love the most. They want to have enough of the things that matter most in this world. That’s called freedom. That’s what we offer—freedom.

We offer freedom. We offer better health. We offer hope. But deep down in the very roots of our existence as a company, our offering is to offer people freedom. Freedom from worry, freedom from stress, freedom from the outside world pushing in on them to crush them down, and to take their life away. That’s what we offer. I believe that there are millions who want this so desperately but they do not know where to find it. That is where we come in—that is our job to show them where and how they can be free.

So, that's my vision for Unicity. What is your vision for YOU?

All the best,

3 New BMW's !