Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Greetings from Switzerland,

We have just held our official opening of Switzerland. The event was in a truly spectacular location. Interlaken is a beautiful resort town in between two large lakes and surrounded by the Alps. With the Autumn colors and the first snows on the tops of the mountains I felt like I was in a postcard.

There were approximately 1300 people in attendance. People had traveled from all over the country to meet together. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and energy I felt from the group. The leadership is some of the strongest we have in the company. All three of our Double Diamonds were with us and each taught some great business strategies.

The company announced a car program for Europe with BMW and also introduced Bios Life Slim. For all intents and purposes Switzerland has 3 national languages so our packaging includes German, French and Italian. Since Switzerland is at the crossroads of France, Germany and Italy I wouldn't be surprised to find us continuing our expansion in the EU.

All the best,

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