Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Amazing Thailand Again!

I am back in Tokyo now after three incredible days in Bangkok. We opened our new, beautiful and very large office on Saturday. There were about 500 guests and a few governement officials (one General) present for the event.

Our leaders here have all decided to buy new Mercedes when they become a Presidential Sapphire. Consequently our parking lot was full of very expensive cars and I think some guests thought we were moonlighting as a Mercedes Benz dealership.

On Sunday the distributors held a rally in a sports arena and had around 5,000 attend. The building was rocking and the people's attitudes were great even though some 3500 traveled by bus for 6 to 14 hours to be at the meeting. It is very hot in Thailand right now and the building's AC wasn't really up to the job of keeping 5,000 people cool as a result we all got pretty warm and sweaty but the place was as full at the end as it was at the begining--5 straight hours without a break. Great commitment produces great rewards and that was the message of the guest speaker and the theme of the meeting.

Speaking of the guest speaker I enjoyed dinner with Bundit on Sunday night--what a story he had to tell. Here is a link to his website; I think you will find it interesting.


There is just no limit to what a person can acheive if he or she really has a burning desire to pay the price for acheivement. Enough for now--I need some sleep!

All the best,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great Times in Korea

I am still in Busan and wanted to share a picture of the new Advisory Board here. We are having dinner Korean style which I don't find too comfortable since you sit on the floor with your legs crossed. The friends I was with made it a great evening. The business in Korea is doing very well under the leadership of these people you see around the table.

I meet with the Mayor later today and then Christopher Kim and I are off to Bangkok to hold the grand opening of our new office there. I will send you some pictures of that ceremony in a few days.

I did my measurements today and stayed the same. So in 11 weeks I have lost 11 inches. I would have liked to see more but being on the road takes a toll plus as I get closer to where I want to be it gets harder to make big progress. All that said, I am thrilled with what is happening for me and many others.

All the best,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Global Convention

Greetings from Busan (sounds like Pusan), Korea,

It has been a whirlwind couple of days but I am now comfortably situated overlooking the ocean in Busan, Korea, the site of our 2008 Global Convention. The hotel I am staying in is called The Paradise Hotel and is appropriately named. This is an incredibly beautiful city and setting. The shoreline is manicured beaches and hundreds of carefully sculpted bonsai trees. I have never seen anything like it. I am actually looking forward to going out for a run in the morning and I really don't like running.

I was in Japan yesterday and today. We mapped out the next 14 months of meetings for the market and the management team updated me on their new marketing campaign called "Size Down with Bios Life." I am very impressed with the passion and the intelligent planning. I think Japan has a strong future with this group of leaders.

I have meetings all day tomorrow with our leaders in Korea, and then on Friday we meet with the Mayor of Busan and tour all the facilities. Unicity is being given quite an honor as this is a city of 12 million people and hosting conventions is not new to them. We appreciate the recognition and courtesy and look forward to having all of you have the convention experience of a lifetime.

All the best,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

10th Week Measurements


I am down another 1/2 inch of fat. It is sure encouraging to see these results from the tape measure each week but feeling so good in the process is a powerful benefit that can't be over estimated. Think about it, how many people actually feel good while they are on a diet. I have never met anyone who does. With Bios Life I am NOT on a diet and yet I am losing fat consistently week after week and I feel great.

A couple of days ago I visited with a person who has been on Bios Life for a few weeks and has not had the same kind of success I have had. She wanted to know why. I asked her a few questions and found that she is eating six meals a day. You have probably heard that same advice from somebody. The idea is to eat little meals all day long to keep the metabolism high. There is ONE REALLY BIG PROBLEM with that idea: the person who does this is keeping their blood sugar high all day and that means they are keeping insulin flowing through their body all day and that means they aren't burning any fat all day. They are just living on glucose and the body doesn't burn fat when it has glucose to burn. A person should eat three healthy meals a day and if a snack is absolutely necessary then it should be small and very low in the glycemic index. If a person does this he or she will allow the body to access fat stores for energy. Bios Life really helps this process happen but at six meals a day even Bios Life can't overcome the blood sugar/insulin effect.

1. Eat three healthy, balanced meals each day.

2. Give yourself four to five hours between meals and 10 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

3. Have Bios Life with your two biggest meals of the day and make sure you eat a high protein, low carb breakfast.

You will love the way you look and the way you feel!

All the best,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Great Breakfast

I have been told that I should share my recipe for the best breakfast shake ever. Well here it is:

6 oz.s of water
4 ice cubes
1/2 cup of Costco Frozen Blueberries
1/2 cup plain yogurt--not low fat, not sweetened, not flavored
2 scoops of Unicity Quadplex Protein

This is really delicious and delivers a low glycemic, high protein breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch.

Too many people skip breakfast. According to the experts this is the number one reason people get fat. Bad breakfasts are not much better as they just spike your blood sugar creating a huge insulin response and delay the burning of fat for hours. If you will eat a low glycemic, high protein breakfast you will set your metabolism high for hours and keep the fat burning process open.

I am hearing more and more testimonies about people using Bios Life that begin to feel like exercising. At first it may just be wanting to go for a walk but soon it turns in to light jogging and then more. Recently I woke up one morning and ran 6 miles on a treadmill. I couldn't believe it as I don't really enjoy running--but it felt great that day!

Are you becoming a fat burning machine? I hope so!

All the best,

Friday, March 7, 2008

Can't Sleep

I finished my work in Florida a few hours ago and I should be sleeping--but I can't sleep!!! I remember this used to happen to me when I was first starting in Unicity back in the early 90s. Things start happening so fast you just can't help being excited and sleep is hard to get.

We had another great day yesterday with about six more FOs choosing to join the team here. I think that adds to about 11 or 12 new partners in 48 hours. One guest told me that he was type 2 diabetic and had tried Bios 10 minutes before his dinner. He said: "After that particular dinner my blood sugar always spikes to about 180 but this time, with Bios Life, it only went to 124. I thought it must just be delayed so I checked again one hour later and it was 110. This really works--I am in!"

At our final meeting last night we had triple the attendance we had expected. The mood was incredible as we talked through where things were going. The facility manager finally kicked us out so she could go home. The conversation kept going in the parking lot and that is way things are when people begin to see what Bios can do and what that means for them both physically and financially.

How are you sleeping?

All the best,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

9th Week Numbers

Good Morning Friends,

I am down in sunny Florida working with Dana and John and their team. They have had some great new leaders join them yesterday and there will be more today. I don't have time to write much now but I did want to report my numbers as today is my 9th week anniversary. I am down another half inch for a total of 10.5 in the nine weeks. The loss came all from my waist which is very good. I will write more later.

All the best,