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Friday, March 7, 2008

Can't Sleep

I finished my work in Florida a few hours ago and I should be sleeping--but I can't sleep!!! I remember this used to happen to me when I was first starting in Unicity back in the early 90s. Things start happening so fast you just can't help being excited and sleep is hard to get.

We had another great day yesterday with about six more FOs choosing to join the team here. I think that adds to about 11 or 12 new partners in 48 hours. One guest told me that he was type 2 diabetic and had tried Bios 10 minutes before his dinner. He said: "After that particular dinner my blood sugar always spikes to about 180 but this time, with Bios Life, it only went to 124. I thought it must just be delayed so I checked again one hour later and it was 110. This really works--I am in!"

At our final meeting last night we had triple the attendance we had expected. The mood was incredible as we talked through where things were going. The facility manager finally kicked us out so she could go home. The conversation kept going in the parking lot and that is way things are when people begin to see what Bios can do and what that means for them both physically and financially.

How are you sleeping?

All the best,

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