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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Amazing Thailand Again!

I am back in Tokyo now after three incredible days in Bangkok. We opened our new, beautiful and very large office on Saturday. There were about 500 guests and a few governement officials (one General) present for the event.

Our leaders here have all decided to buy new Mercedes when they become a Presidential Sapphire. Consequently our parking lot was full of very expensive cars and I think some guests thought we were moonlighting as a Mercedes Benz dealership.

On Sunday the distributors held a rally in a sports arena and had around 5,000 attend. The building was rocking and the people's attitudes were great even though some 3500 traveled by bus for 6 to 14 hours to be at the meeting. It is very hot in Thailand right now and the building's AC wasn't really up to the job of keeping 5,000 people cool as a result we all got pretty warm and sweaty but the place was as full at the end as it was at the begining--5 straight hours without a break. Great commitment produces great rewards and that was the message of the guest speaker and the theme of the meeting.

Speaking of the guest speaker I enjoyed dinner with Bundit on Sunday night--what a story he had to tell. Here is a link to his website; I think you will find it interesting.

There is just no limit to what a person can acheive if he or she really has a burning desire to pay the price for acheivement. Enough for now--I need some sleep!

All the best,

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