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Thursday, March 13, 2008

10th Week Measurements


I am down another 1/2 inch of fat. It is sure encouraging to see these results from the tape measure each week but feeling so good in the process is a powerful benefit that can't be over estimated. Think about it, how many people actually feel good while they are on a diet. I have never met anyone who does. With Bios Life I am NOT on a diet and yet I am losing fat consistently week after week and I feel great.

A couple of days ago I visited with a person who has been on Bios Life for a few weeks and has not had the same kind of success I have had. She wanted to know why. I asked her a few questions and found that she is eating six meals a day. You have probably heard that same advice from somebody. The idea is to eat little meals all day long to keep the metabolism high. There is ONE REALLY BIG PROBLEM with that idea: the person who does this is keeping their blood sugar high all day and that means they are keeping insulin flowing through their body all day and that means they aren't burning any fat all day. They are just living on glucose and the body doesn't burn fat when it has glucose to burn. A person should eat three healthy meals a day and if a snack is absolutely necessary then it should be small and very low in the glycemic index. If a person does this he or she will allow the body to access fat stores for energy. Bios Life really helps this process happen but at six meals a day even Bios Life can't overcome the blood sugar/insulin effect.

1. Eat three healthy, balanced meals each day.

2. Give yourself four to five hours between meals and 10 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

3. Have Bios Life with your two biggest meals of the day and make sure you eat a high protein, low carb breakfast.

You will love the way you look and the way you feel!

All the best,

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