Monday, March 29, 2010

Bios Life Slim--let's tell the world!

Today I received an email from one of our franchise owners in the USA.  It caused me to reflect again upon the urgency we all ought to feel about sharing Bios Life Slim with our family and friends.  With permission I am posting that email here for you to read.  Hopefully it will inspire you to educate and motivate your loved ones to make this amazing product a part of their daily health regimen.

Hi Stewart,

I have been wanting to let you know the story about my parents and their experience with Slim and finally feel ready to share.

When I returned from Salt Lake City last year, I was excited to try the Slim and get my parents on it. My dad (Mel) had been in very poor health (cancer survivor, hip replacement, open heart surgeries, and at the time was recently diagnosed with diabetes), so I was really anxious to see what it could do for him.

Because they are retired and on a fixed income, I was giving my parents two boxes of Slim a month to use. Mel had to take a shot of insulin daily and sometimes at night because he was prone to cheating with his diet. After just a little over one week, his sugar levels were fantastic (even after pasta). He did not have to take a shot of insulin from April to August while he was using the Slim, he felt great and was very active.

My mom lost over 30 pounds during this time and she was very skeptical of the product from the onset. She is a huge believer that this product is what has helped curb her cravings and allowed her to manage her weight. 

Because my mom was using the product three times a day, Mel started cutting back because he did not want to ask me for a third box each month. I went to visit them the last weekend of August, they were getting ready to leave for a vacation. Mel seemed to be in pain and I asked him what was going on. He told me that he had stopped taking the Slim two weeks prior and he could really tell. He told me that he had to take insulin shots for the first time since April because his sugar was out of whack. I was upset with him and told him that I would rather spend a little extra money each month and have him feeling good and he agreed to start taking it again as soon as they returned from vacation.

A few days into their vacation, my mother called and Mel's organs had started to shut down, he was rushed to the Emergency Room in Memphis. He was put on life support and never regained consciousness again. One by one his systems failed and he passed away on September 11th.

Now, I am not sending this to be all depressing but because I am convinced (and my mom is convinced) that the Slim gave him a better quality of life and when he stopped taking it - his pancreas was the first system to fail which affected all the other systems. I am not a doctor obviously but it's just too coincidental to ignore.

To end on a positive note, my mom has continued to use Slim and is now down 48 pounds. She said she'd like to lose another 10 or so but I think she looks fantastic. I wish she had done the Sim challenge to begin with.

Thanks for a wonderful product and opportunity to share it with my loved ones.


ps. LOVE love LOVE the Energy drink. It not only gives me energy but makes me feel more alert mentally with zero jitters.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cultivating Discipline Harvesting Success

It’s starting to look like Spring here at the Unicity Global Headquarters. The snow is beginning to melt from the lower elevations on the mountains and all the trees and bushes are budding. Springtime reminds me of a story about two farmers.

Early each Spring, the two farmers look out over their fields. In their hearts, they have similar desires—that the coming Fall season will provide them with a vast harvest.

All Winter the first farmer spends time cleaning and sharpening his tools. The second farmer looks out over his field—hoping that the Fall season will provide him with a vast harvest.

As soon as the snows melted, the first farmer is out in his field carefully preparing the furrows and removing any large stones, while the second farmer looks out over his field—hoping that the Fall season will provide him with a vast harvest.

After the last frost, the first farmer is out in his field dropping his seeds carefully into the furrows and gently covering them with soil. The second farmer is also out—casting his seeds on the ground as he walks around his field.

Throughout the long, hot Summer, the first farmer toils—herding the thin line of irrigation water to the end of each row and pulling weeds wherever he sees them. The second farmer paces the floor of his house—hoping that it will rain and the Fall season will provide him with a vast harvest.

Come Fall, the first farmer has a vast harvest. The second farmer is disappointed again with his meager harvest—wishing that it had rained more and that the birds hadn’t eaten so many of the seeds that he cast in the Spring.

Both farmers are good men. Both have the same desire—that the Fall season will provide them with a good harvest. With a large harvest, they would be able to provide for their families, have seeds for planting in the Spring, and prosper by selling the surplus in the market. Yet despite their equal desires, the first farmer’s harvest was so much larger than the second farmer’s.

The first farmer went beyond just hoping for a good harvest. His desire was more than a mere wish—it was a motivating conviction that moved him to action. The first farmer, in order to bring about his desire, took actions—even though harvest time was far away and there was no guarantee that the weather would cooperate, he still took actions.

The first farmer was cultivating more than crops, he was cultivating self-discipline. When we take actions that move us in the direction of our desires—especially when we can’t see what the outcome might be—that’s self-discipline.

From farming to building your own Bios Life Franchise, be assured, you’re in the right place at the right time with all the right conditions—just add self-discipline.

Wishing you all the best with your harvest,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seeing the Possibilities

Just two hours drive to the north of our Unicity International offices, on a lonely stretch of desert, is a historic site called Promontory Point.  Here, less than 150 years ago, the United States’ first transcontinental railroad was completed.

A story is told of a local farmer who stopped his horse, laid his plow on its side, and walked to the edge of his field to watch the railroad workers build the railroad he had heard so much about.

He saw them level out the ground, place wooden trestles, and then lay the heavy iron tracks on top of the trestles. When they were finished, a train moved forward onto the completed section.

Scratching his head, the farmer turned around and walked back to his plow thinking, “So, that’s it? That’s what this railroad is about? Tracks and trains?”

It’s true, the farmer did see tracks and a train—but what didn’t he see?

He didn’t see that for the first time, people would be able to go from one side of the country to the other in just days instead of months. He didn’t see that soon fruits and vegetables, and other food items, could be shipped to where he lived, and that whatever he was growing could be shipped and sold somewhere else.

He didn’t see that ideas, books, information, and entertainment could be shared and spread across the nation. He didn’t see that new people, different people, could travel and live wherever they wanted to live. All the farmer could see was the tracks and a train.

What he didn’t see were the possibilities.

Ironically, 100 years later when air travel became popular, it was the railroad that failed to see the possibilities. Instead of thinking that it was in the transportation business, the railroad only saw that it was in the tracks and trains business. As a result, many railroads went bankrupt.

Being able to see the possibilities, even in difficult circumstances, can change your future.

Over the past few years, most of the world has been experiencing significant economic and cultural changes. These changes require the ability to see the possibilities in order to thrive and prosper.

Here’s one way to view these changes:

For the first time in history an entire global generation is faced with employment insecurity, meager retirement, eroding company loyalty, and dissolving job satisfaction.

Or you can see the possibilities:

For the first time in history an entire generation all over the world is truly free to control their destiny. The power of choice is completely in the hands of the people. You can choose where and how you work; in fact, you can choose your income. Never before have country club connections and fancy pedigrees mattered so little—what matters now is the desire and discipline to work.

I see evidence of the possibilities everywhere in I visit. Bold entrepreneurs, both men and women, are taking personal responsibility for their financial future. This is nothing short of a revolution that values personal industry, creativity, and teamwork.

If you could do something else— something that you control—and receive all the rewards that come to people who see the possibilities, would you make a change if an opportunity like that came along?

If you would like to explore the choices you have in your life, then I urge you to do this one thing: consider a career in direct sales as a Bios Life Franchise Owner.

Being a Franchise Owner is all about giving you choices, power, and showing you the possibilities.

All the best,