Friday, May 29, 2009

The Time is Now!

Greetings everyone,

It has been a while since my last entry--no excuses just working hard and having fun.

As the world continues to muddle along in this recession Unicity continues to grow. We are seeing month over month growth in sales and new franchise owners. Slim is one big reason for that growth. Another is our incredible compensation plan! I hear amazing stories every month as brand new people join us and make more money in their first month or two than they did in the previous six months. One woman told me that she made more in her first month with Unicity than she did in her last 12 months in her old business.

Are you taking advantage of this truly great moment in time?
Have you made your goals?
Have you resolved to make the changes necessary to build a stronger and better life?
Are you investing in yourself?

I ask these questions because I know what it takes to break out of the cycle of mediocrity—you CAN’T do it by degrees—you have to bust loose much like a car gets free from being stuck in the mud. So bust loose! Make it your determination to be somebody special—to do great things and to no longer live an ordinary life. The power is in you!

Take a look at this new video the marketing department just produced—I love it. Better Way Video

All the best,

PS—here is the book of the month:
The Oz Principle
Getting Results through Individual and Organizational Accountability
by Roger Connors, Tom Smith, and Craig Hickman