Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Greetings from Utah!

It is always great to be home after a long trip. This past visit to Europe has been the most productive international trip I have taken in many years. It was grueling but the work was so productive that I didn't really notice.

Brent Morrill and I traveled to eight cities in five different countries in eight days. In every city we did two events, a leadership training and a meeting to launch the Bios Life Slim marketing beta test. Every single event was better than we had projected it to be in our planning of the schedule. I offer my congratulations to the leaders in Europe and to the great employees of our business there. I also need to say a special thanks to Brent for his work over the past year to prepare this market to have this surge in success.

Our last day was spent in Istanbul, Turkey. We had about 400 franchise owners in attendance. Three members of the board of directors for the Turkish Heart Association attended our meeting and spoke to our group. They gave Bios Life Complete a resounding endorsement and have authorized the company to advertize their endorsement on each box. They have never done this before for any product from a network marketing company and our franchise owners are justifiably pleased. The market in Turkey is just getting started and it is exciting to see the fresh enthusiasm of the people.

Overall we met with more than 3,000 people during this eight day tour. I can say with some conviction that Europe is going to be a great part of the Unicity International future. What is very important to understand is how fast a market can take off when a critical mass of leaders join together in productive efforts.

The business can grow in a methodical way but it also can grow in a geometric way. Can you imagine what your business would look like and feel like if it grew 100% per month or even more--it really is possible. Are you ready for it to happen? Have you paid the price in personal development? Are there things you are not doing that you need to start doing? Are there things you are doing that you need to stop doing? Keep in mind that the leader usually grows before his or her business grows.

Be willing to ask yourself the hard questions. It is through honest and deep introspection that you will gain the insights about how to become a great leader. When you act on those insights your business will grow and it will keep growing as long as you keep growing.

You can do it and if you do you will love the way you feel and the world that opens up to you!

All the best,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greeting from East Berlin (the former Russian Sector),

Brent Morrill and I finished the meeting in Berlin a few hours ago. It was another absolutely super event with a crowd far in excess of what we had expected. We sold out of the product again which means we have sold out at every one of the seven events where we launched the beta test for Bios Life Slim. Europe has far exceeded our expectations in both product sales and the sponsoring of new leaders. Already Europe has set a new all time sales record and they still have a few days left to close the business month.

I have never been in Berlin before so I was really looking forward to this day. After the meeting Brent and I walked down to the famous Brandenburg Gate and walked along the remnants of the Berlin Wall. It was nearly midnight and I was exhausted but I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see where so much history occurred.

When I think about the places I have been and the things I have seen as a result of being in this business it simply overwhelms me. I would have never have imagined it possible but once a person starts on the path of growth with other people of ambition and good will there is no limit on what can happen.

All the best,

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greetings from Europe,

It has been a blockbuster tour so far! We visited Zurich, Switzerland first, then Munich, Germany, Vienna, Austria, Frankfurt, Germany, Amsterdam, Holland and just finished in Koln (Cologne) Germany tonight. We go to Berlin tomorrow and Istanbul, Turkey on Saturday.

Already we can say with confidence that the business in Europe has set a new all time sales record! We still have Berlin and Istanbul to visit and the month to close but the record is in the bag.

The Franchise Owners here are simply amazing me with their commitment and leadership skills. Every meeting we have done to this point has been a complete success in every way measurable. The company representatives have simply been guests, and the local Franchise Owners have done everything from renting the facilities to setting up the displays. With leaders like these here in Europe it is easy to project that this market will be in the top 3 by year end--perhaps it will be Number One!

All the best,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Numbers

I was reminded today that I had never given my 12th week numbers from my Bios Life Slim exercise. These last few weeks are some of the busiest and most exciting of my life and with the tour we are on in Europe right now it is only getting more so. But belatedly here are my 12th week stats:

NECK SIZE--down 1.5 inches
UPPER CHEST/BACK--down 6 inches
WAIST--down 4 inches

So my total for the 12 weeks in the three measurements is 11.5 inches. I still want two more off the waist but everything else is about where I want it to be. I am confident I will get that last bit off the waist in the next few weeks. However, it justifiably goes slower as you get closer to your best size. Overall I am very pleased and especially because I didn't feel at all deprived through the whole 12 weeks--in fact I wasn't deprived as anyone will agree who spent any time with me and therefore this is a way of life and not some crash program that can only last a month or two. This product is going to make a lot of people very happy and healthy.

All the best,

PS--I will write more on the European Tour in the next day or so. We have been in Zurich, Switzerland, Munich, Germany and last night in Vienna Austria. Today is Frankfurt. Every event has been an incredible success.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

European Tour

Brent Morrill and I just finished attending some outstanding meetings in Zurich, Switzerland. I flew in from the US this morning after taking a few days for a spring break with the family in Georgia. It is important to take time away but it is always great to be back to work. The events here involved more than 1,000 people from all over Switzerland. The Swiss people are not known for being too enthusiastic but today clearly proved that they can be as passionate about health, fat loss and financial success as anyone. We had President's Club dinner at a restaurant high above the city of Zurich. The view was spectacular and the food was wonderful.

I talked last entry about sharing thoughts on why a systematic approach is so important in your business. I will write more in the future days but for now just take a minute and ponder how well you would do in your journey for success if you didn't have the vision to see your destination.

All the best,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Exciting Times

Its been a while since my last entry and that is simply a function of so much good stuff happening I didn't have the time to write. Most of our businesses in Asia are showing great growth and duplication. North America has not been this hot for years. (This increase in "temperature" has nothing to do with global warming and everything to do with a certain new product that has been in beta testing for the past couple of months.) Europe has shown strength that surprised all of us as the leaders there were included in the beta marketing of this new product. In fact I will be attending meetings in eight European cities in the next couple of weeks. I am told we will have record attendance at every meeting.

For locations, click on this link (the dates and locations are in German - call Greg if you need translation: US 801-714-1010) http://www.unicityeuro.com/default.asp - look for Europatour.

Over the next few entries I hope to share some of my thoughts about how you can take your business to a much higher level. Think System!

I have read a book recently that continues to impact my thinking and behavior. It is called: Influencer--The Power To Change Anything. The authors wrote another best seller called: Crucial Conversations. You will find both books helpful as you work to grow your business.

All the best,