Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greeting from East Berlin (the former Russian Sector),

Brent Morrill and I finished the meeting in Berlin a few hours ago. It was another absolutely super event with a crowd far in excess of what we had expected. We sold out of the product again which means we have sold out at every one of the seven events where we launched the beta test for Bios Life Slim. Europe has far exceeded our expectations in both product sales and the sponsoring of new leaders. Already Europe has set a new all time sales record and they still have a few days left to close the business month.

I have never been in Berlin before so I was really looking forward to this day. After the meeting Brent and I walked down to the famous Brandenburg Gate and walked along the remnants of the Berlin Wall. It was nearly midnight and I was exhausted but I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see where so much history occurred.

When I think about the places I have been and the things I have seen as a result of being in this business it simply overwhelms me. I would have never have imagined it possible but once a person starts on the path of growth with other people of ambition and good will there is no limit on what can happen.

All the best,

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