Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greetings from Europe,

It has been a blockbuster tour so far! We visited Zurich, Switzerland first, then Munich, Germany, Vienna, Austria, Frankfurt, Germany, Amsterdam, Holland and just finished in Koln (Cologne) Germany tonight. We go to Berlin tomorrow and Istanbul, Turkey on Saturday.

Already we can say with confidence that the business in Europe has set a new all time sales record! We still have Berlin and Istanbul to visit and the month to close but the record is in the bag.

The Franchise Owners here are simply amazing me with their commitment and leadership skills. Every meeting we have done to this point has been a complete success in every way measurable. The company representatives have simply been guests, and the local Franchise Owners have done everything from renting the facilities to setting up the displays. With leaders like these here in Europe it is easy to project that this market will be in the top 3 by year end--perhaps it will be Number One!

All the best,

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