Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Global Convention

Hello friends,

The Unicity 2010 Global Convention in Bangkok, Thailand is now history. It was truly one of the high points in my career in our business! For me it began minutes after landing in Bangkok, where, along with over 200 business partners, I joined in the Service Project where Unicity planted over 1000 mangrove trees to help reclaim precious ground from the sea. I was touched with the enthusiastic efforts of our President's Club members from around the world jumping into the mud and water to support this very worthwhile project.

The next morning I was awestruck the first time I walked the convention hall. The stage was the largest I have seen and the sea of over 20,000 chairs set up and ready got me excited for the event to begin. That evening the Black Tie qualifiers were treated like royalty as they enjoyed a special evening of food and entertainment.

I must admit to some nervous anticipation as the doors opened Friday morning. As the seats began to fill and flags began to wave, I saw my Unicity partners filling up row after row of chairs. I saw the excitement and anticipation in the eyes of everyone. Many of you had made great sacrifices to attend and I am grateful for each one of you. Once the event began the time flew by. Rather than try to put everything into words I have attached some video links, as well as a link in the right side border to the Global Leadership Call I recorded while still in Bangkok.

I was inspired by the stories I heard. My heart was touched as I was able to meet many of you for the first time, and renew acquaintances with good friends I have worked with for years. I issued a challenge to everyone there to now go forward and share with others the feelings that they felt at the Global Convention. I plan to do that and I hope you will too. The vision I shared is 10,000 Diamonds. Will you be one of them? How many of your partners will join you as a Diamond?

All the best,