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Monday, August 25, 2008


On Thursday, Friday and Saturday I visited Japan. Friday we had a powerful leadership seminar with the very top leaders in the country. What a great experience that was for me to see these mostly very young leaders showing such intelligence and drive. I feel the Japanese market is going to become very big.

In the evening we went to a famous, and very old, restaurant for dinner. I am not exaggerating when I say there were 14 courses. After having my Bios Life Slim it was virtually impossible to do justice to that exquisite dinner.

On Saturday we held the first "Secret Saturday". This is an event that I host every two months in either Tokyo or Osaka. The top five sponsoring FOs for the previous two months are invited to an all day adventure. But since it is a "secret" they don't know what to expect. We had a blast! We first did a helicopter tour of Tokyo--I thought this was incredible. What a city Tokyo is--14 million people at night and probably 25 million during a work day. We saw the sights in a way that only is possible from a helicopter. Then we got on our own private cruiser and cruised around Tokyo Bay while we had sushi and sashimi. We also had a leadership competition--which I lost and our newest leader won. She sponsored 17 people in one month so I don't feel so bad.

Then I and a few of our top leaders got a plane and flew for six hours to Bangkok, Thailand. I wanted these young leaders to meet our top leader in Thailand and attend his semi-annual rally. Check my next post for what happened in Thailand.

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