Friday, December 19, 2008

Fat Season?

Are you suffering from too many sweets and too many parties? I am! This time of year is a tough time to avoid putting on extra pounds of fat. When someone gives me a special treat they made or purchased "just for me" I feel an obligation to eat at least some of it--and sometimes when I get started I just don't want to stop. After a few days of this I suddenly realized that I was moving the wrong direction. I knew I had to make a change and fast.

I don't know how it is with you but with me it is easier to discipline myself TO do something as opposed to disciplining myself to NOT do something. So I made this vow for the rest of the holiday season: Never eat anything unless I drink a Slim first. When I made this vow a couple of good things happened. First, the normal benefits of Slim kicked in and I didn't eat so much and I kept those Fat Burning Zones open. Second, I didn't eat as often. I love Slim but I didn't want to drink 15 servings a day. So now when someone gives me a treat I say: "Thank you, as soon as I have my Bios Life Slim I will enjoy some of this." Try it--its working for me.

Have you seen the news lately? Obesity is truly a global epidemic. Read this article for a strong dose of motivation.

Enjoy the holidays but don't let them destroy your progress--if you start today with your New Year's resolution think how much farther along you will be when January 1st comes! You can do it by making Slim your partner with everything you eat.

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