Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Japan Presidential

Tsujita-san - New Presidential

The Japanese people have always been recognized as very hard workers. As they have become more excited about their future with Unicity their work ethic gets even stronger. Consequently the tour here has been very busy, but also very successful.

It hasn’t been all work though. I did take one day off and spent part of it a hot springs spa. Hot spring spas are a very important part of the culture of Japan. The Japanese people essentially wrote the book on how to do a spa. Keep in mind they have been doing spa treatments at hot springs for several thousand years. I am not joking—some of these hot springs had people enjoying them before Rome was built. So they really have this down to science. Being the only non-Japanese person in the place I felt a little uncomfortable at first but everyone treated me so well the feeling of awkwardness went away quickly. When I finally left I felt so relaxed that I nearly had to be wheeled out!

Then it was back to work. The pictures you see are of a distributor-sponsored event. We came and supported it but distributors organized and ran the event.

Backstage with the host

It ran flawlessly, as most things do here. I am told there were about 1,200 people in attendance. There was a new 22-year old Presidential Club member recognized and the energy was sky high.

It is always impressive to me what a leader can do when she or he decides to get out and lead. Gender doesn’t matter, race or nationality doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, only desire and discipline are needed to make things happen. I hope you are making things happen in your life; a wise person once said there are three kinds of people in the world:

Those that make things happen,
Those that watch things happen,
And those that wonder what happened.

Make sure you are in the first category—it is much more pleasant there.

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