Thursday, February 7, 2008

Greetings from Japan

I arrived in Osaka last night to begin a two-week visit. It was pretty nice being home for nearly six weeks but it is also exciting to be back working in a country that I have really grown to love. I will do 12 meetings while I am here and expect to be speaking to several thousand distributors. The Japanese people are great relationship-builders and so our business comes naturally to them. Bios Life is starting to become a powerhouse here as people learn how it can help them in so many ways.

When I got up early this morning I got my tape measure out because this is my 5th week anniversary. I thought that my numbers might not have improved as much as they have in the last few weeks—especially since I had just been sitting on airplanes for about 20 hours. To my surprise, I lost another 1.5 inches for a total 8.5 since beginning just five weeks ago. I can’t tell you how much this motivates me. Getting this fat off my body is making exercise a “want to” idea instead of “have to” obligation. Success breeds success. The more I have success the more I want it. How about you?

All the best,

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