Friday, February 29, 2008

8th Week Measurements

Greetings Friends,

Yesterday was my 8th week anniversary. I was on the road and didn't get a chance to do my measurements until this morning. I was down 1/2 an inch in the waist. I was up a 1/2 inch in the chest for zero change over all. I started lifting weights a couple of weeks ago and that probably accounts for the increase in my chest/back. The half inch loss in the waist is good but not good enough so I am going back on the ChitoRich and EquaLean boosters. I am also going to try our Contouring Cream. Burma Hicks and Darlene Long tell me that it will really tighten up the skin and I need that around my neck.

I hope you are staying focused on your goals. Experts tell us that the secret to happiness is self control and moving forward in a positive direction. So Be Happy!

All the best,

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