Thursday, February 21, 2008

7th Week Data

I am back from a long but successful visit to Japan. Being on the road for so long must have affected my fat loss or maybe I just over ate with such great food and the loss of my normal routine. Regardless of the reason the fact is I am only down one half an inch this week for a cumulative 10 inches for the 7 weeks. I am motivated to get this fat off me and I know it will be a lot easier at home.

Fat is different than many people think. On the body it isn't dense like a pound of butter rather it is more fluffy. That is probably why people feel tighter and less jiggly when they start losing fat. Check out this link for more:

If you want to buy a replica of a pound of fat and even a pound of muscle you can do it at this link:

It is pretty motivating to see this stuff and realize you just don't want it on your body--or at least so much of it.

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