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Monday, February 25, 2008

Amazing Thailand in U.S.

Catching air!
Stretch Hummer Limo

Six of our top leaders from Thailand have just finished enjoying a great visit here in Utah. They had earned a week long trip to the USA by driving phenomenal growth in their home market.

They started with two days in Disneyland with VIP privileges. Then they came up to Utah to meet with me and other corporate executives and see the corporate offices. Considering it doesn't ever snow in Thailand we decided to take them out on a snowmobile ride. That was a truly unique experience for all of us! Everyone came back safely. I think we have some new snowmobile fanatics now so we may see some more of Thai visitors to Utah in the winter. Soapstone!

We had a powerful leadership roundtable discussing how to keep their amazing growth going. Great insights were shared and new plans developed—I think Thailand is going to set another record in 2008 and that will be the fourth record year in a row. I continue to be inspired by the strength of a leader who makes his or her mind up to just go make things happen. There are always going to be the people who say something can’t be done. Fortunately there will also always be those people who ignore the naysayers and just go make their dreams come true. Our friends from Thailand are those kind of people and I can pay them no higher compliment than to call them LEADERS!

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