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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a week!

Hello everyone,

I returned home Sunday from Japan where we enjoyed two super events. The first event was on Friday where the President's Club leaders all came together in Tokyo for strategy discussions and advanced leadership training. The meetings were fantastic with an incredible spirit of unity and optimism. We then enjoyed an amazing formal dinner and great conversation. My appreciation for the skill and intelligence of the leaders in Japan just keeps growing.

On Saturday we took the winners of the bi-monthly recruiting contest to the base of Mt. Fuji for a traditional Japanese BBQ. After lunch we went to a curling center. For those who aren't from the upper Midwest USA or from Canada, curling is the sport where you slide a heavy granite rock on a 40 meter ice court trying to put it right in a certain area and not get knocked away by the opposing team. You may have seen this on the Winter Olympics. Let me tell you that this sport is a lot harder than it looks and incredibly more strategic than I had ever imagined. We all learned much about team building and strategy and even had a few moments when the "Stone" actually got in the "House."

I spent the day in the Utah office on Monday and then went to the airport at 4:30 AM Tuesday to catch my flight to Cancun, Mexico. It was snowing and 28 degrees Fahrenheit when I left Utah and about 80 degrees F when I got off the plane in Cancun--that was nice! The European leaders are enjoying their rewards trip here this week in a beautiful resort right on the water. In fact as I type this I am looking out on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. I wish you were here--what I really wish is that I could stay a little longer. Tomorrow I go back to the office in snowy Utah but the good news is that 25 of our top leaders from Korea will be there visiting the corporate office as part of their reward trip. They are enjoying some fun in Las Vegas and then will come up to Utah for a tour of the offices and dinner at my home on Thursday. It will be good to see them--they produced a great year in 2008.

Like I said it has been quite a week. I should be exhausted, but fatigue gets swallowed up in the excitement and growth we are seeing around the world. Even more satisfying is the growth we are seeing in the leaders of our company in all of the markets where we compete. Let's make this another record year for Unicity, but especially a record year for you!

All the best,

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