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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear friends,

This past weekend Todd Smith hosted a Diamond Leadership Summit for our top North American leaders. 100 leaders from all over the continent gathered in Todd's hometown of Sarasota, Florida to learn the principles that will propel them to Diamond status. The speakers included all the current NA Diamonds along with one of our Double Diamonds from Europe. The presentations were excellent and jam-packed with practical information that had me taking notes along with everyone else.

We welcomed a brand new Diamond to the club as Jan Bloom showed that she has the right stuff. There were two great nights of entertainment and fellowship. We had a sunset cruise in the Gulf and an evening in Todd's clubhouse on the beach. This was an event that helped everyone in attendance to catch the vision of the Unicity opportunity. I have been taking calls since I came home from leaders that have decided to take their business to a new level as a result of the vision they got in Sarasota.

Watch for information on the next Leadership Summit in Deer Valley, Utah. I hope you join me there. All the best,

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