Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 New Year

Dear friends,

I wanted to wait until this first full week of January to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!

Over the past few months here at the Global Headquarters of Unicity, we were able to watch an unusually rich display of color on the mountainsides as the leaves on the oak and maple trees turn a plush red.

Before these leaves faded, detached and fell, the oaks dropped their acorns and the maples released their seeds and they helicoptered out of the sky to land like assault forces to green the earth. The leaves then followed to cover, protect, warm, and nourish the seeds. Today, those same seeds are blanketed by a few feet of snow.

Darkness, cold, stony ground, mold, bacteria, birds, squirrels, bugs—all intervene, but somehow some seeds make it, and begin to grow. Some tenacious seeds take hold and hold on and hold on—for dear life. In the silence of the winter’s dark, they plant themselves and survive to become the next generation of trees.

This past year, I’ve planted a tenacious and vitally important seed. I announced that by 2012, Unicity will be a billion-dollar company. You and I will be the gardeners of that seed. Much depends on how we nourish and protect this seed—and even though we may not be able to see, this seed has already begun to sprout roots. Unite with me this year in doing all we can to grow our billion-dollar tree. Click here for Unicity's Vision video

Then in 2012, you and I will be enjoying the fruits of this tree—but unlike any tree alive, this tree will provide us the fruits of hope, of health, and of freedom.

It’s my wish and my dream that 2009 overwhelms you with a harvest of hope, an abundance of health, and the joys of freedom.

All the best,

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