Friday, July 11, 2008

Long Time!

Hello everyone,

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted. The reason is simple: we have been working around the clock to meet the demand for Bios Life Slim. In 18 years in this business I have never seen anything like what we are seeing now.

In Europe Slim continues to roll and we are expecting another record month in July. Keep in mind July in Europe is typically vacation time and not a high productivity season. The Leaders in Europe tell me they have no time for a vaction right now, they are too busy building market share.

We did a one day launch of Bios Life Slim in Korea in late June. The result was simply unbelievable. In just one day of sales Korea broke the current full month record for Bios Life Slim sales that was held by the Europe market. Europe had posted the largest month in the company for Slim sales in April and Korea broke that record in a single day.

Japan is gaining ground each week as the leaders begin to understand the power of Bios Life Slim. Since Slim is only being sold NFR (not for resell) in Japan at present progress is not as explosive as Europe and Korea. Japan will have OTG (on the ground) Slim in the coming months.

We are truly excited by Slim's success in improving the health and wellbeing of whoever uses it. We are also excited about the people whose lives are being dramatically enhanced by the financial success with Slim.

All the best,

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