Sunday, June 15, 2008


We are in Japan educating our distributors here about Bios Life Slim for a couple of weeks. We will be offering it for the next few months on a Not For Resale (NFR) basis only. I just finished the first meetings in Tokyo a few hours ago. If the enthusiasm of those meetings is any indication, we have a great period of growth ahead of us in Japan. I will be doing other informational meetings in Nagano, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka in the coming days. Learn more by visiting our website Bios Life Slim

Brent Morrill has just finished with his tour of Europe. The growth there is stunning! Two of our Diamond leaders made their first month of qualifying as Double Diamond last month and I hear that a third Diamond will make his first qualifying month as Double Diamond this month. These are our first Double Diamond qualifiers worldwide and it thrills me to see it happening.

We will have other Slim introductions over the course of the summer and then the big finale in Pusan, Korea in September. Unicity is on a record setting run in 2008 and I hope you are making sure that you are a part of it all.Global Leadership Convention

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