Sunday, May 25, 2008

Homeward Bound

Dear friends,

My very brief visit to the Maldives was great. There were 300 Unicity leaders at the resort and when I arrived I saw a sea of orange. All of our people were wearing orange shirts or orange swimming suits or orange hats or even orange flip flops. Unicity was 85% of the guest count at Club Med Kani and it felt good to me to see all that Reviv orange! I am not sure how it felt to the other 15% hopefully they got revived.

We conducted a special Presidential Club training with the 25+ club members who were in attendance and then a skills training for all 300 followed by a Q&A. After a quick bite to eat it was time to catch the speed boat back to the airport. When I arrived in the late morning I took this same boat out to the Club Med island and distinctly remember thinking that I was riding in the equivalent of a Mexico City taxi only on water. It was madhouse with boats careening every which direction. Well, the return trip at night was just the same without the benefit of vision. It was exhilarating to say the least. I was tired and sleepy before I got on the boat but wide awake when I got off 45 minutes later.

I am now in Singapore on the 2nd of my two eight hour layovers in the last 38 hours. (Note to Curt: I am really beginning to see the value of a corporate jet.) All joking aside, I am so pleased to have been able to show my respect for these wonderful leaders who, in many cases, have broken out of poverty and other very difficult circumstances and have chosen to be winners. Their examples will inspire many more to do the same. This is the very definition of leadership: to help others to reach their own potential. Thailand is setting the pace in leadership!

All the best,

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