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Friday, May 23, 2008

En Route to the Maldives

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

No we are NOT opening the United Arab Emirates for Unicity; I am just passing through on my way from New York City to the Maldives. As I mentioned in the last blog post we are hosting the winners of our Thailand spring contest there this week and I get to stop in for about 12 hours. It seems a shame to spend 28 hours flying to the location and 32 hours flying back only to spend 12 hours there but it is worth it. The great effort these leaders have made over these past four months is truly noteworthy and I want to acknowledge it personally. They posted a new record in volume and we have several new President's Club members to recognize. It will be great to show them how much we appreciate their success!

Dubai is an interesting place. I have had a chance to look around a bit since I have an eight hour layover. The mix between modern and very rich with the very traditional Arab culture is fascinating. The people are very friendly although immigration did confiscate my trusty tape measure. I never did get an answer as to why they thought it was dangerous but I have learned to never argue much with people who carry guns. In a few hours I will leave and yet I look forward to returning when I have more time to explore.

A great book I am reminded of when I consider where I am right now is Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You'll Go!” Read that book—it is the story of a life well lived.

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