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Monday, May 19, 2008

Bios Life Slim

Greetings everyone,

This last week we offically launched Bios Life Slim in North America. We are very pleased with the results and all the franchise owners I have talked with are totally pleased with the packaging, the new tools and videos and the new website.

I am going to provide you with three links with this blog entry. The first will be our one minute video called "The Slim Secret." You can send this link to friends to open the door about Slim. Please watch it and let us know what you think.
Watch the video here: The Slim Secret

The second link will be to our four minute video called simply "Bios Life Slim." This video goes into more depth about the product and provides some powerful before and after testimonials about how Slim has helped people lose fat and change their lives.
Watch the video here: The New You

The third and final link I will provide you with today is to the new Bios Life Slim website. You will love the sharp new look and the easy navigation of this website. I think our design and marketing people have done a great job on all these new tools. I hope you agree.

Here is the link:

When it comes up on your browser simply click on the Slim box and a map of the world will appear. You can choose North America to view the site:

These are exciting times at Unicity! In fact I have never seen more growth in my 18 years in the business. Europe continues to grow at an incredible pace. As usual South East Asia is on fire--in fact I will be in the Maldives later this week with the 300 winners of our reward trip. I might as well share one more link. This is the location of where we will be staying Click Here * Warning don't look at this link unless you are prepared to be inspired or jealous.

We will be doing our beta launch of Bios Life Slim in Japan in June and Korea in July. At the Global Convention in September we will make it official for most markets. This product does change lives in the most remarkably positive ways. You need to use it and you need to make it a part of your business development. If you do you just might find that going to the Maldives and other really cool places become a part of your new lifestyle. Click here for Global Convention: Global Convention

All the best,

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