Thursday, January 17, 2008

Real Science, Real Results

Hello everyone!

As many of you know we are a company focused on getting positive results. Many of our competitors are very good marketers. I have heard some of their key people say “We can sell anything!” At Unicity we choose to be different. We don’t boast about being able to sell anything. In fact we ONLY want to sell proven products that produce measurable and positive results. In fact our product philosophy can be summed up in four words: Real Science, Real Results.

I just received the following email from one of our great leaders—Philip Song. He just returned from a long trip to support his teams in Asia and wrote the following:

"It's amazing how much Bios Life® we are selling in addition to the other great products we have, all over the 23 countries that we are now open in. In addition to Bios Life, there are several other great products that are high in demand simply because of their efficacy and scientific research and R& D. The fact that we're in the Prestigious PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference) is also a big and impressive backing. Every company out there claims that their products are the best. However, when it comes to me and my loved ones, I just ask three simple Questions that will filter out the real genuine quality (Unicity International products) from the rest:

Question #1: Do your products have actual / reputable and CREDIBLE Scientific proof/documents and studies behind them? WE DO! (If it's just an informal study by a couple/few medical people, this is NOT enough!)

Question #2: Do your products have real, CREDIBLE CLINICAL STUDIES? If so, WHERE were they done? and WHO did it? It costs a LOT of money to conduct credible clinical studies. We have over a dozen credible clinical studies including ones from the #1 heart hospital center in North America - The prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, Univ. of Utah, Univ. of Nevada, Univ. of Washington, and many others. Our products = absolute quality.

Question #3: ARE YOUR PRODUCTS IN THE PDR (the prestigious Physician's Desk Reference)? WE ARE! It costs a lot of money to be in the PDR and absolute full disclosure is a must. We have been listed in the PDR for the last several years."

Philip, like the rest of us, is excited and comforted by the fact that Unicity is a science-driven company and not a marketing-driven company. Real science produces real results and that is probably why we have so many REAL doctors as Franchise Owners.

We have a reason to be passionate—we can change the world one friend at a time.

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