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Friday, January 25, 2008

Burning Fat

Yesterday was my 3rd week anniversary of turning my body into a fat-burning-machine. The results are pretty good.

Neck + Chest + Waist = 5.5 cumulative inches lost!

I'm also down 10 lbs, but weight loss isn't what I'm looking for - it's all about fat loss!

Did you know that 1 lb of fat is 9 times bigger than 1 lb of muscle - wow!

What does this mean? A person doing things right could be burning fat but not losing much weight, especially if they start exercising. Make no mistake, it is the excess fat that will kill you. Where the fat is located on your body is also critically important. If the fat is around the central part of your body it is very dangerous.

The good news - when you turn your body into a fat-burning-machine, it burns that fat for fuel and you feel great!

More to come...

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