Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Destinations and Activities

Unicity Home Office
Orem, Utah, USA

On Friday we enjoyed the visit of five of our franchise partners. It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones. This group of leaders are from Wisconsin and they are on fire with Bios Life.

Paul Kero is the upline leader to the group and one of my great friends. He and I worked closely together when I was a distributor. In fact Paul and I flew my airplane from Salt Lake City to the St. Louis convention in 1998. It was great fun for me to have a former American Airlines Captain flying “co-pilot” with me. Paul spent some time on that flight teaching me the key principle of staying focused on the flight instruments when flying through the clouds and stormy weather.

I have never forgotten that lesson. All of us will find ourselves in stormy weather from time to time. What we think about, and stay focused on, will determine whether we sail right through the clouds or panic and crash our airplane. When I was building my business as a franchise owner I had some days, and even some weeks and months, where I was flying in cloudy weather. I was able to stay in the air and reach my destination because I stayed focused on my activity goals.

I believe there are two types of goals. There are destination goals and activity goals. Destination goals are those big goals that you dream about and visualize daily to keep your enthusiasm high and your perspective correct. Activity goals are those actions you have determined that lead to success.

Patrick, Kelly, Brent, Peter, Stewart, Bill, Kent, and Paul

In my franchise owner days my activity goals were summed up under the heading: The Three 3s. I made a commitment to invite 3 people to look at my business every day, to present the business details to prospective distributors at least 3 times per week and to enroll at least 3 new distributors each month. The Three 3s were my flight instruments that kept me in the air flying toward my big goals even in stormy weather. What are your flight instruments?

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