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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Amazing Thailand

It is Monday morning here in Bangkok, Thailand. We just held the Unicity Thailand National Convention. It was an amazing experience to see thousands of motivated people all working hard to build their own businesses and make their dreams become their reality. In fact, the theme of the Convention was "Dare to Dream".

We launched our new product for the Thailand market - an all-natural proprietary blend of aloe, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes. "Reviv" was met with tremendous excitement! We had 5000 bottles shipped by air to be in Bangkok for the event and sold them all in the 90 minute lunch break. The main shipment of Reviv (pronounced "Revive") will arrive in about eight days and will probably be completely pre-sold before it even arrives. This product is hot and will be coming to other markets soon.

There were several major achievements in rank advancements at the Convention, but the most significant was a new Diamond by the name of Rasa. Rasa is a 35 year young woman who has never been involved with network marketing before Unicity, but in just thirty months she has built a million dollar business. You cannot imagine how her life has changed and the respect that is shown her by all her partners. What an inspiring story. Everyone was emotional by the end of her recognition. I don't think I will ever be the same. If Rasa can do it then you can do it!

On Friday night we had dinner at the home of our top leader in Thailand. He and his wife just finished building their beautiful dream home. It was featured in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine of Thailand. I have included some pictures for you. When the home show editor asked him how much his new home cost Joe replied, "500 Baht." That is about 20USD. When the editor questioned Joe about the price, he simply explained that 500 Baht is the cost to become a distributor with Unicity, so that was the cost of his new home. What a great answer! That 500 Baht that Joe and Orn invested to start their Unicity business is truly the investment that just keeps giving and giving as they continue to build their international business.

This is an amazing country and these are amazing people! I have learned what can be done in Unicity if dreams are followed by consistent and dedicated action.

Now I am off to Korea for the annual Make Life Better Academy. I will write more from Seoul.

All the best,

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