Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 10, 2007
Tokyo, Japan

Hello everyone,

I finished up this visit to Japan with some great meetings in Nagoya and Tokyo. In Nagoya we met with the leadership group for the area in a roundtable setting and had some powerful discussions. There are some very strong and intelligent leaders in this market. I expect big things to happen in the coming months in Nagoya. On the next two days we held meetings in Tokyo. The energy level was very high and the buzz about Unicity Japan has clearly started to attract new leaders to our company. It is exciting to meet the people that are coming on board. One new leader was an Olympic figure skater for Japan and she is applying the same discipline to building her Unicity business as she did to becoming a world class figure skater.

My message in Tokyo was simply this: Recruiting is the key to success in Unicity. Yes we need to build our customer base, and yes we need to support our teams with good training and motivation. But our most important goal is leadership and leaders lead by example. If you want to create financial independence in any business you must create leverage, and for you to have leverage in our business you need duplication. For duplication to occur you need people in the business. In the end it all comes down to bringing people in to the business—are you doing that? I hope so because the rewards are so very worth it.

All the best,
Kitazuka-san and me

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