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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Going from Good to Great!

November 7th, 2007
Osaka, Japan

Greetings and welcome to the first entry of my Unicity blog. I have decided that this may be the best way for me to stay in regular communication with all of you and to share what I am doing and learning as we grow this great company together.

It has been said that leaning from your own experience is good but learning from another’s experience is even better. I certainly hope that you will benefit from my experiences. The commitment I will make to you now is to provide timely updates of the progress we are enjoying, the key points that we learn and links to valuable research and insights from other wise and reliable sources.

When I became CEO in February of 2006 I made a commitment to myself that still burns as brightly today as it did on the day it was first made. That commitment is to build with you and for you the best direct marketing business in the world. Our motto and mission is to “Make Life Better” and I take that mission very seriously. In the grand scheme of things there is really nothing more important in life than to make life better for people. None of us can gain more satisfaction in our lives than from doing good to and for others. Money doesn't bring happiness unless it is well used to benefit others. Fame doesn’t bring happiness unless it is used to influence the improvement of the lives of others. Nothing brings us more happiness and satisfaction than making life better for the people in our circle of influence.

At Unicity we make life better in three specific ways. 1. We help people feel better through our products and our support, 2. we help people look better in the same way and, perhaps most important, 3. we help people live better by teaching and supporting them in the building of their own business.

In the past 22 months we have refocused the company. We have built a team of corporate leaders that are committed to providing the most exceptional and supportive environment possible. While much progress has been made we are not where we need to be yet, and you can be sure that we are burning the midnight oil to get there ASAP.

In the coming weeks I will share with you some of the keys to building your business to levels you had never dreamed were possible. Our topics will include:

1. Building confidence in yourself and building belief in others
2. Building an international business without leaving your hometown
3. Leading from the heart AND the mind
4. Pitfalls of the passionate—KISS

I will also take your questions and where appropriate answer them in the weekly blog entry.

The sun is just starting to rise here in Japan so it is time to get working on the business here. I will sign off for now and look forward to sharing some new experiences and observations with you in the days ahead. In the meantime please look at the information shared at this link. I think you will find it useful.

All the best,
Stewart Hughes

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