Thursday, May 13, 2010

10,000 Diamonds!

Ten Thousand Diamonds

A big part of my job is to work with our Franchise Owners all over the world in order to educate them, to motivate them,  and to build their belief in their own talents, dreams, and abilities—and in Unicity as the map they can use to reach their dreams. That’s a big part of your job too, by the way.

Sometimes I’ve done this with just one person in the room or on the phone, and sometimes with tens of thousands. But one of my favorite times was at the close of the 2010 Unicity Global Convention in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this year. 

Close to thirty thousand attendees had just finished watching a spectacular production that honored thousands of Franchise Owners who advanced in rank during the year—and honored the leaders who’ve made an undeniable difference in improving the lives of others all over the world. Messages delivered were translated in over twenty different languages!

Then it was my turn to talk. Time was short. I had no desire to steal the limelight from our leaders. I wanted to leave with them a vision, an idea, a story that they could take home and share with others.

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to share copies of what I said—and honestly, it wasn’t really ever written down. I knew at that point in time my job was to open up my heart, to open up my soul and let others see what I see for Unicity.

Recently we’ve had those remarks transcribed. I want to share with you today what I shared that day:

“There are so many people who need to feel what we’re feeling right now.

Millions of people are living below their potential—scraping out a bare existence because they have no one to lead them.

When we come together and we see people achieving their dreams, it builds within us both the desire and the confidence that we can also achieve our dreams.

What you’ve seen here over the last few days and what you’ve heard here is important, but it’s not as important as what you felt here. What you felt here will stay with you forever if you will nourish it and protect it, and most of all, share it.

Share your dreams. Believe in them. Share your passions. And most of all, share your love for people everywhere. Because we are Unicity—one family—brothers and sisters in search of a better life. Let’s not stop trying to share our opportunity with other people.

Someday your life will be over. Someday you’ll be at the very door of death—and I know what that looks like. When you’re at the very door of death you won’t be thinking about money, you won’t be thinking about supercars, or even Patek Philippes.

You’ll be thinking about how many people you have helped to be better and happier.

That will be your legacy. It will be your final thought—so I pray that the number is a big number.

That as you think those final thoughts, you’ll have thousands and thousands of faces that will go across your mind; that you will think of, and be grateful for.

I’m grateful. I’m grateful for all of you. You who lead, who paid the price to win—and I know it wasn’t easy, but you have become an inspiration to thousands and tens of thousands of people.

We have leaders here from all over the world, and they have seen it, and now they can feel it.

About eight months ago, Khun Joe, Khun On, and I met for a short visit in Hong Kong. Khun Joe asked me, ‘Why do you go to Japan so much?’

I said, ‘Because we’re working hard to build the business in Japan.’

He then said something that has changed my life forever. He said, ‘If you come to Thailand every month, we’ll build a fire so big they’ll be able to see it in Japan!’

So Japan, can you see it?

Europe, can you see it? Philippines, can you see it? Korea can you see it? North America, can you see it?

Are we going to stop here? No! No stopping! We’re going to build a fire so big that they see it all over the world and they can warm their hearts by the fire, and they can feel confident because of it.

We are going to be the biggest—the biggest direct marketing company in the world!

Nothing can stop us now. Nothing! But, we need you to be up here (on the stage). We need you to rise to a higher level of leadership excellence.

A hundred diamonds is not enough!

A thousand diamonds is not enough!

We need ten thousand diamonds!

That’s the vision—ten thousand diamonds!

Do you believe? Do YOU believe? We’re going to do it!

Don’t forget to share the feeling. Take it home with you and share it, and bring them back home—bring them back to one family. Unicity!”

ALL the best,

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