Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leadership strikes again!

On Thursday the 14th I boarded a plane for Bangkok. I arrived at 6:30 Saturday morning, the 16th. I cleaned up from the 25 hour journey and started my meetings. I met with five of our key leaders and spoke for a few minutes at the monthly Bangkok training meeting (attendance 6,000). Then I got back on a plane and began the 25 hours back to Utah. So it was 25 hours over, 12 hours there and 25 hours back. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Anytime I can be in front of highly committed leaders it is worth it. Why? Because I always learn something that can make me better.
On this trip I learned many important things that can help us be a better platform for your success. I was also inspired by a powerful young man with an incredible story. He joined our business in 2009. The obstacles he has overcome on his way to success are almost unbelievable. He lost his father when he was just 5 and his mother at 8. His grandmother cared for him until she passed away when he was 13. During these years he had to work long days at any kind of work he could get to help put food on the table. After age 13 he was completely on his own. He taught himself how to survive. He somehow managed to learn how to read and write. Before he found Unicity the most money he had ever had at one time was 6,000 Bhat (about $175.00). Now he makes a lot more than that every month. Life is better for him in ways that are beyond his ability to express. Leadership is what changed his life--a Unicity leader found him and helped him develop the skills, habits and mindset to transform his world and now he is doing that same thing for others. I was inspired--I hope you are too.

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