Monday, April 27, 2009

Greetings everyone,

I thought you might like to see a few pictures from the recent Japan National Convention.

This picture is of the Ikari family. They were elected MVP for 2008 by the other leaders in Japan. This couple is an outstanding example of leadership. There is a great feeling of team spirit in their organization which they support about as perfectly as it can be done. That is probably why they were selected by their peers to win the MVP award.

Here is a picture of all the new Presidential Sapphires. Congratulations to them!

This is a picture of Asada-san receiving his special scuba diving vacation. Just one of the rewards for earning the Presidential Ruby rank.

Here is Kimura-san receiving his special deep sea fishing vacation for earning the rank of Presidential Ruby.

Both Kimura-san and Asada-san also received a beautiful Clerc watch! There were only 12 of these watches in Japan before last Saturday. Asada-san and Kimura-san got numbers 13 and 14!

Here is Kimura-san sharing his feelings after receiving his rewards.

Here is Asada-san sharing his feelings.

The guest speaker, an Olympic Gold Medal winner, gave a very powerful talk about using your challenges, and even your short term failures, to become stronger and to succeed long term.

This was a wonderful event and just the beginning of great things in Japan!

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